Portfolio Requirements and Guidelines

Baseline Requirements— Content

Š a personal cover page
Š a table of contents
Š a personal introduction – 1-2 paragraph intro describing yourself and your goals. Your introduction can also be used as part of an application "essay" for colleges or scholarships
Š a resume
Š a photograph
Š a minimum of 4 school projects or samples of work representing at least four different academic subject areas. Each sample should include a brief reflection on its significance.
Š a minimum of two “choice” pages. These may be  photographs, articles, newspaper clipping, certificates, or other evidence of two different non-academic activities. This may include sports, family, culture, clubs or organizations jobs, community service or hobbies.

Baseline Requirements--electronic

Š all original artwork: this includes backgrounds, photos and graphics
Š a custom header developed in Photoshop 
Š Java Script/Multimedia animations – Students must have at least two pages any of the following multimedia animations: java, flash, video or sound


1. other samples of academic achievement
2. other samples of non-academic life

3. audio clips and/or video clips, quicktime, object oriented files...etc... in electronic portfolios)
4. photographs / digital pictures...

1. See the rubric for grading attached.
2. Are the required contents included?
3. Has editing been carefully done so that mechanical errors are non-existent?

4. Is the portfolio neat and organized with samples easy to find, sections labeled and appearance pleasing to the eye?
5. Does it define you as a person?