Personal Introduction

Your personal introduction to your web page should be a concise and clearly worded paragraph containing information similar to that in a cover letter or a letter of introduction for a collage application.


You may have 1 of the following focuses:

1. Introduction of self, interests & activities

2. Introduction of self, future goals & plans


The focus of my introduction will be:




You will be explaining who you are; your strengths & achievements and goals. Give details. Make them specific and unique.


DO NOT use meaningless phrases like I want to get a good job and make a lot of money,�  no one wants a bad job that makes no money.



You may also wish to refer the reader to your r�sum�. If you have had experience, be sure to point out your achievements or other qualifications.


Step 1 – Brainstorm using Inspiration. Remember you must have generalizations & details


Step 2 – Export your outline to text, open it in MS Word and begin writing your introduction.


Step 3

Devise a hook or an introduction sentence (not �Hi this is my webpage�)

Possible options include

      A question

      A quote

      A startling statement or fact



Step 4

Revise for wording - Use the principles below:


    * Grammar and writing must be correct in every aspect. You should project yourself as intelligent and capable


    * Get to the point and be concise  give details and avoid jargon, slang, and clich�s. Use facts to support your generalizations.


    * Put the most relevant, impressive information first.


    * Be energetic and enthusiastic  these are qualities that are valued in college and the world of work.



Has a hook (step 3)

5 pts

Has at least 3 generalizations (or main points)

6 pts

Has sufficient details to support your generalization

5 pts

Details & generalizations are unique & interesting

4 pts

Paragraph has required transitions; it flows

5 pts

Paragraph has a clear end

5 pts