Personal Introduction

Your personal introduction to your web page should be a concise and clearly worded paragraph containing information similar to that in a cover letter or a letter of introduction for a collage application.


You may have 1 of the following focuses:

1. Introduction of self, interests & activities

2. Introduction of self, future goals & plans


The focus of my introduction will be:




You will be explaining who you are; your strengths & achievements and goals. Give details. Make them specific and unique.


DO NOT use meaningless phrases like I want to get a good job and make a lot of money,  no one wants a bad job that makes no money.



You may also wish to refer the reader to your rsum. If you have had experience, be sure to point out your achievements or other qualifications.


Step 1 – Brainstorm using Inspiration. Remember you must have generalizations & details


Step 2 – Export your outline to text, open it in MS Word and begin writing your introduction.


Step 3

Devise a hook or an introduction sentence (not Hi this is my webpage)

Possible options include

      A question

      A quote

      A startling statement or fact



Step 4

Revise for wording - Use the principles below:


    * Grammar and writing must be correct in every aspect. You should project yourself as intelligent and capable


    * Get to the point and be concise  give details and avoid jargon, slang, and clichs. Use facts to support your generalizations.


    * Put the most relevant, impressive information first.


    * Be energetic and enthusiastic  these are qualities that are valued in college and the world of work.



Has a hook (step 3)

5 pts

Has at least 3 generalizations (or main points)

6 pts

Has sufficient details to support your generalization

5 pts

Details & generalizations are unique & interesting

4 pts

Paragraph has required transitions; it flows

5 pts

Paragraph has a clear end

5 pts